Pleasantime Two Track Cribbage Board

Here is a nice example of a 1960’s Pleasantime two lane continuous track cribbage board board. This board was found with original box and wooden pegs at a goodwill location in “2005” for seventy five cents. Todays market value is $15.00-$35.00 at online auctionPleasantime Cribbage Board.

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The board shown in the photo is in its original box with original wooden pegs. This item manufactured in “1967” copyrighted “1963” was found without the instruction sheet; original instructions are an added bonus, but unless the board is very rare or quite old, will not make much of a difference in regard to the value. The highlights of this item are the excellent condition of both the board and box.

This is a prime example of a the type of boards found in many modern cribbage board collections. Although it is not an extremely unique cribbage board, it  makes a great conversation piece due to the condition and age. There is something nostalgic and satisfying about playing cribbage on a vintage board. one more reason to begin a cribbage board collection today. Today, Drueke Games is  one of the best known manufactures of fine vintage style cribbage boards.