29 Cribbage Boards

If you are a beginning cribbage player you may not be aware the score of 29 is the highest single scoring hand in the game. With that in mind there are many cribbage boards vintage and new available in the shape of the number “29″ .

No one is absolutely certain when the “Twenty Nine Cribbage Board” came to be, but it is clearly hear to stay. Will the toilet seat cribbage boards remain as popular? Only time will tell…

Bette Bemis On Cribbage Boards

Cribbage Boards 1863-1998 by: Bette L. Bemis

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Bette Bemis has outdone herself with this priceless collection of cribbage board photo’s, history and price guidelines. A book with half the information included here could be thought of as a masterpiece.

With so little written about the history of cribbage boards, the late Bette Bemis went above the call of duty in her attention to detail. This book is a must have for any cribbage board collector.  Bette Bemis is known throughout the U.S. as an authority on the history of cribbage boards and is the founder of the Cribbage Board Collectors Society. For current pricing, shipping information and availability at Amazon Follow this link : Cribbage Boards 1863-1998 by: Bette L. Bemis

3 New Cribbage Template Kits From Chefware

Chefware Introduces 3 New Cribbage Board Template Kits


One obvious difference between the Chefware templates and the ones being offered by Rockler is that these are cribbage board making kits. There are three styles available and are all three of them are made in the USA. Each kit includes:

-Steel Template - Cribbage Pegs - Peg Holder Doors - (2) 1/8″ Drill Bits

Cribbage Board 2-lane Steel Template Starter KitCribbage Board 2-lane Steel Template Starter KitCHECK PRICE

Cribbage Board 3-lane Steel Template Starter KitCribbage Board 3-lane Steel Template Starter KitCHECK PRICE

Cribbage Board 4-lane Steel Template Starter KitCribbage Board 4-lane Steel Template Starter KitCHECK PRICE


Tailgate Toss Cornhole Game

Tail Gate Toss

Whether you call it Tailgate Toss or Cornhole makes no difference- This game is taking America by storm. It’s safer than Jarts, easier to set up then horseshoes and can be taken with you to play almost anywhere. The Cornhole Game got its Tailgate Toss name simply because you will find it played at virtually any tailgating event you go to.

Dozens of Selections Click Photo For Current Info

Popular All Weather Board Design Click Photo








The best way to master the corn toss game is to play it on a regular basis, by owning your own set of bean bags and boards. Whether you build your own corn toss game or purchase one of the hundreds of styles available in today’s market place you can begin your training as soon as you set up the boards.  For training purposes you can even just set up one board and practice, practice, practice.

Generally referred to as a driveway game. Tailgate Toss or Cornhole Toss has become an expectation at tailgate parties, family reunions and outdoor get together’s. Hours of fun this bean bag game will keep you and your guests competitively occupied.

Cornhole board designs include very simple natural playing boards with a coat of stain and varnish, licensed and unlicensed team logo boards, or elaborately decorated custom cornhole boards for tailgate toss.

With a little skill and the right tools. You can build your own cornhole or tailgate toss game from a single sheet of plywood all you need are the correct cornhole board dimensions. The rules are simple enough and can be found here – Corn Hole Toss Rules.

Decided to build your own Tailgate Toss game you can find the simple dimensions here – Cornhole Board Dimensions.

Cribbage Board Replacement Pegs

Cribbage Pegs

Cribbage Pegs

There is plenty choose from when looking for replacement pegs for your cribbage boards. You can find many hand made or machine made pegs in virtually any material. Replacement Cribbage Board Pegs are available in brass, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, wood, plastic, bakelite, mother of pearl solid gold or silver.

Click Photo For Current Amazon Pricing

Click Photo For Current Pricing

Click Photo for Current Amazon Pricing







Although most standard size cribbage board pegs are designed to fit an 1/8″ diameter hole, if you are planning to make yourown crib pegs you should still take the time to measure the size of the holes in your cribbage board. The standard peg is typically 1 1/8″ tall and tapered to fit smoothly in and out of the hole.

Click Photo For Current Amazon Pricing

Click Photo For Current Amazon Pricing

Larger boards may take a 1- 5/8″ tall peg tapered to fit a 3/16″ diameter hole or a 2- 1/2″ tall peg tapered to fit a 3/8″ diameter hole.

You will generally need 3 pegs per track… two for pegging (keeping score) and the other for keeping track of the number of games won. For more elaborate boards you may use additional pegs for scoring skunks, turns and various other stats of the game or tournament.

Drueke 814

Grandmaster – 4 Track – NaturalDrueke Grandmaster

Four Track Grandmaster Cribbage is crafted of the finest hardwood and offers hours of family fun without taking up much shelf space. Bring it in the car on long car rides. Place the board on the dinner table for a quick game after supper. Now you can enjoy cribbage anywhere and at anytime. Rekindle your love for cribbage and re-learn the game or teach someone how to play.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Drueke 815

Click Photo For Current Pricing

Drueke 815.00 The Three Track Club Cribbage Master

Order Now–> Drueke 815.00 Three Track Club Cribbage Master

Three Track Club Cribbage Master crafted of the finest hardwood and offers hours of family fun without taking up much shelf space. Bring it in the car on long car rides. Place the board on the dinner table for a quick game after supper. Now you can enjoy cribbage anywhere and at anytime. Rekindle your love for cribbage and re-learn the game or teach someone how to play.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Drueke 817


Click For Order Info

Click For Order Info

Drueke 817 The Current Day Version of The Classic Drueke 2050

The Drueke 817 is Classic Drueke. Originally made by the Drueke Co. , which has since been purchased by the Carrom Co.:  Remember the Carrom tables? (same company).

Drueke cribbage boards are made with the same care as they were in the past. The Drueke 817 is by all accounts the current day version of the iconic 2050. Link here for more information the original Drueke 2050 Cribbage Board .

With a few mior differences it is virtually the same board that was manufactured 5 decades ago in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Classic Style Drueke 817 available at Amazon

Aluminum Cribbage Boards

3 Track Cribbage Board Game Made of Billet Aluminum

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Order Now –> 3 Track Cribbage Board Game made of Billet Aluminum

This is a high quality CNC machined Cribbage board. Made from solid Billet Aluminum. The set comes with 9 metal pegs (black, silver, gold). It weighs 4 pounds (apprx 4 kilos). The dimensions are apprx. 3/4 x 4 x 15 (19mm x 100mm x 380mm) The engraved numbers and tracks allow you top keep easy scoring. Surface has a brushed/satin finish

Rating: ★★★★★ 


  • Tracks and numbers are engraved into the board*Beautifully rounded and chamfered edges
  • Board is polished to a smooth finish*CNC machined with hi tech machinery from Billet Aluminum
  • Comes with 9 metal scoring pegs (3 silver, 3 black, 3 gold)
  • The dimensions are 3/4 x 4 x 15 inches (19mm x 100mm x 380mm)*It weighs approx. 4 pounds (almost 2 kilograms)
  • Equipped with felt pads on bottom(won’t scratch your table)

The Fat Cat Cribbage Board

The Fat Cat Cribbage Board

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Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Under $10.00

The game of cribbage is a wonderfully interactive card game that is traditionally scored using a wooden board and pegs. The game originated in England over 400 years ago and although it has seen a few transitions through the years it is still the same card game.

The first cribbage boards were hand made and one of a kind, many times simply made from polished blocks of wood.

The popularity of cribbage escalated very quickly and cribbage boards have been manufactured for resale for almost as long as the game has been in existence, even before today’s world of mass marketing and mass production.

If you are an avid player, someone who remembers the game from childhood, or simply want to give it a go- The Fat Cat Cribbage Board is a good example of a well made inexpensive cribbage board (usually under $10.00) that can be delivered to your front door in a matter of days.  This popular item is available through Amazon. Follow this link for current ordering information and pricing The Fat Cribbage Board Current Information. 

Walnut Cribbage Board and Case

New 3 Track Walnut Cribbage Board in Aluminum Case

Walnut Cribbage BoardThis cribbage board with aluminum carry case is trending well and getting great reviews. This is a very traditional looking three track continuous play style of Cribbage game board.

Finished with a Dark Walnut stain, the board has built in storage for cards and your favorite cribbage pegs.

Click the photo or follow this link to go directly to the order page. Walnut Cribbage Board w/case

Rockler Cribbage Board Templates

 Rockler Is Now Featuring 3 Cribbage Board Templates Through Amazon.com 

Rockler is known for it’s quality woodworking tools and supplies and has really cornered the market with these perfectly made cribbage board templates.

Three to choose from – The traditional   60 point board, a classic continuous scoring one 120 point board, and of course the infamous “Great Big Cribbage Board” template. 

Rockler JIG IT Game-Drilling System for Track Style CribbageRockler JIG IT Game-Drilling System for Track Style CribbageCHECK PRICE

Rockler JIG IT Game-Drilling System for Original CribbageRockler JIG IT Game-Drilling System for Original CribbageCHECK PRICE

Rockler XL Cribbage Board Templates, 1/4'' HoleRockler XL Cribbage Board Templates, 1/4” HoleCHECK PRICE


Where can I find cribbage boards for sale?

Where can I find cribbage boards for sale?

Cribbage Boards can be found in many places, some are quite obvious, and then there are those that you may not have thought of. Regardless of where your favorite purveyor of cribbage boards resides, finding and collecting unique or antique cribbage boards can be a very satisfying hobby or pastime.  Article: Cribbage Board Collecting

Find Cribbage Boards Online:

Purchasing online is likely one of the best sources available for finding all types of cribbage boards;  whether you are looking for new, vintage, antique or simply a unique board.

You can generally find hundreds of listings for cribbage boards at online auction and sale sites such as Amazon Cribbage Boards and e-bay. One major benefit of searching online is that no matter what type of crib board you’re looking for, new or vintage, you will normally have a large selection to choose from.

At Auctions:

You can often compete for rare finds at land based auctions. Many of the truly good cribbage pieces are saved for public sales such as estate auctions and are a wonderful place to find cribbage items that would not get into the market otherwise.

Cribbage board collectors, like many collectors, do not like to let their prize possessions go. Fortunately their heirs do not always have the same infatuation with collecting and prefer to sell the collections for cash.

At  Thrift Shops:

If you take the time to look, you can find a hoard of lower priced cribbage boards at thrift shops. If you look often enough, you may even find a valuable gem that has found its way through to a bargain shelf. This may not be a collector’s paradise; however it is a good place to find an occasional board  or peg set on the cheap. The inexpensive boards are great for craft projects and competitions.

At Vintage and Antique Shops:

It is very likely that if you venture into any vintage or antique shop that you will find at least one cribbage board for sale. Antique store owners can also keep an eye out for you during their travels. Many antique store owners make a large portion of their livings by locating specific items for their regular customers. So if you have a specific type of cribbage board that you are looking for and can make it worth the business persons time to look. You should be able to find someone who is glad to put you on their list of people looking for Cribbage Boards for Sale.

At Yard Sales and Garage Sales

Frequenting garage sales and yard sales is  another way to find the occasional board. These sales may not turn up an abundance of crib boards, however you may be surprised at the unique cribbage board styles you can come across. Many home made or shop class projects eventually end up at mom’s yard sale. Another benefit to the odd board found at a yards sale or garage sale is you will generally pay close to nothing for your find.

No matter where you find cribbage boards for sale, welcome to the ranks of cribbage board collectors across the world.


Cards Against Humanity Top Selling Card Game

Cards Against Humanity Makes A great Gift For College Aged Students

This Cards Against Humanity was new to me until I ran across it, listed as a most popular item Amazon.com . It’s a little lewd and crude as games go, but then again if you remember your college aged days, you were likely of a similar frame of mind.

Cards Against Humanity has little to do with Cribbage Boards, but I thought it a noteworthy addition as is also a card game and so wildly popular with today’s youth. It would make a great Christmas gift on it’s own or along with a custom cribbage board.

You can purchase this game and it’s first and second expansion packs straight away by going to Amazon>Cards Against Humanity, or if you prefer to find out more information about Cards Against Humanity and why it’s so popular you can visit Squidoo>Games>Cards_Against _Humanity_and_Expansion_Pack.

More Information About Cards Against Humanity:

Lens #1 - Cards Against Humanity And Expansion

Lens #2 - Cards Against Humanity 2012 Holiday Pack

Lens #3 - Cards Against Humanity PDF

Lens #4 - Cards Against Humanity Expansion Packs

Lens #5 - Cards Against Humanity Online

3 Cribbage Board Templates Available by Rockler

Cribbage has been making at least small resurgence in recent years and Rockler better known for their high quality woodworking tools has been doing their part in keeping up with the trend by providing us with three high quality cribbage board templates.

Regardless of how many cribbage boards you plan on making a high quality cribbage board template made of durable 1/4″ acrylic is just what is needed. It’s easy to mis-align or improperly place a hole and the use of a template will help to remedy this problem.

Templates are not only great in insuring the quality of the project, they will also save you a lot of time, especially if your plans are to make more than one custom homemade cribbage board.

There is an informative lens at Squidoo.com or double click the photo to go directly to the Amazon sales page.